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"No, silly. These are all my designs that I've never shown to anyone before. I'm not planning to sell any of these babies. Instead, these are my gifts to you." She spun around the room slowly as her fingers brushed against the outfits.


As he mumbled to himself, Karen read his lips from a distance and walked over. She interrupted his conversation to himself, "Of course it is too late. It's been so late because you only have liked me since the beginning. I am the one whom you're supposed to be missing and loving. Didn't you always hate her for what she's ever done to me? My childhood?"


After typing his inquiries and findings, he called it a night and locked up the notes. Once he clicked save, the notes disappeared and was delivered to his hidden app. Over the years, nobody had figured out his notes.


He shook her hands off, "I did want all of those things, but the one whom I want to have all those things with is no longer you. You didn't lose to Susu because I am not an object. I'm not a ball that you can hold when you want to play with me and then toss away when you're finished. The ball may roll off and never come back. You and your parents can continue living in that apartment until you find a job to support them. This is all I could do for you, sorry."


Zi Yan sighed, "Darling, even though you came to this world because of this chaotic drama, you only need to know one thing. You have two mothers who love you dearly. Zi Lan gave birth to you and loved you so much that she used her remaining amount of strength to seal your abilities. She knew that if they find out that you have the abilities like we do, then you would be dragged into this."


Zi Yan sighed and said, "where were we up to? Ah, right. There was actually more to the experiment. I didn't know what happened between grandma and them except for the fact that Zi Lan and I were captured for the experiment. She couldn't escape their claws either and was held captive too. I only knew that these monsters grew hungrier for money as time passed. They used nasty methods to research and trick other people into their labs."

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As Lily's voice heightened, Chen Mu heard a familiar voice next door. After a tiny peek, he froze and immediately covered Lily's mouth. "Shhhh."


As he planted more kisses on her lips, cheeks, forehead, and back to her neck, her hands nervously held his body. She didn't know where to place her hands, so she followed her instincts. Her eyes hazed with passion as her moans grew louder and more sensual as he reached further South.


She nodded and opened her mouth to ask why he was here, but Tian Yuo started spitting out nonsense again. He said, "Hah! Well if isn't my best friend, Chen Mu, the one who snatched my ex-wife from me. What? You think because you have these well built bodyguards and I'll be scared of you? If you're a man, take me one on one. Come on!"


"Why rush home when I didn't finish eating yet? I have dessert for you. It is my treat." Kitty turned around and was ready to reject her offer.


'Could I have been this attractive? Even such a handsome, powerful man would fall for me? Even though I don't know who he is, but from how they made the toast, he must be the son of the Lin family! Of course! Why would the Lin family let a witch like her ruin their reputation? I'm in luck! I might be able to replace her as well!'


"You're beautiful," he whispered as he nibbled her left ear, where she was most sensitive. "hhaaa...nnn.." She could feel his hands roam under her sweater, finding her perky nipple. "Found it," he showered her neck with affectionate kisses as he teased her breast in one hand and felt her hips using the other.


Once again her words were cut off, "I said no and that is final. You've done too much for our family already. I don't want to see you go. I've treated you as my granddaughter since the day we met. If I see you go, it's equal to watching you disappear on me. I won't allow that."



Xin Ya wiped away a drip of tear from the corner of her eye and walked to him, "Geez, have some confidence in us. Do we look like the type who would get mad over a wrecked dinner? We've watched Susu since what? Since she was like five! I've long thought of her as my daughter and wanted to dote on her. I was a bit upset earlier at you, though."



Susu rolled her eyes, "You see, if you don't have a brain, we're not obligated to give you any guides. Think before you speak. If she didn't provoke us, why would we bother giving her a millisecond of our attention? As for bullying, who bullied whom? Want to dig dirt from the past? I'm afraid Karen is the one who should be most afraid of talking about the past."


Ariana woke Lily up, covered her mouth and whispered, "We have an uninvited guest. I'm going to go out there. No matter what happens, do not open this door. If.. and I say if you sense something is wrong and someone else but me opens that door, throw this towards the entrance, then escape through the window with Susu."


"Heh, well, boy, you've got competition tonight. It's soooo obvious that other than me, everyone else seems to be quite interested in Susu." Her eyes wandered around the crowd and a provocative grin appeared on her face as she spotted two familiar faces.

  • "Blackmailing someone is one of the lowest and most despicable actions anyone can execute. Not only did you use someone's weakness to set out what you wanted, you also used it to harm someone you disliked. What made this even more of a joke is the fact that the person did nothing wrong to you in her entire life and you were purely jealous of her."
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